Men on the Move

Four Proverbs to Pack Series

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4

PGU Family Challenge

Giving Grace

Grace, Through, Baptism

Dont Ground the Gift

Absent Father

A Favor Activating Faith

A Praying Church

Broken Relationships

Christian Stewartship

Down Is Not Out

Easter Anticipation

Easter Blessings


I Just Cant Go For That

Inconvenience Truth

I Want to Know God

Pharoah's Daughter

Remembrance of Baptism

Showing Love to the Church

Snapshot The Burning Bush

Stewardship of Leadership

The Cross

The Danger of a Christless Christmas

The Good Shepherd

The Real You

The Wrong Way To Wait

Waiting on the Weight

We Are Blessed

What Really Really Matters

What to do With Your 90

You Dont See What I See

How to Respond to Tradegy

My Good Days Outweigh My Bad Days

The Road Map to Prosperity

The Gift of Love

What if Tomorrow Were Your Last Day


Christmas Message


God Deserves Your Best

The Temptations of Jesus

The Users In Life

Jesus VS John

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