Parkway Gardens United Presbyterian Church Part Time Organist

Job Summary:

The organist functions under the supervision and direction of the Director of Music in coordination with the pastor and the Worship ministry. This individual should recognize that worship means above all to glorify God and is committed to the Christian faith.

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

Attend and play for all worship services and church events as requested by the Director of Music, pastor and the Worship ministry.

Be ready to play the organ 15 minutes prior to the start of service each Sunday.

Notify the Director of Music ministry in anticipation of absence.

Use of church facilities for private lessons must be approved by the Property ministry and scheduled through the office to avoid conflicts with church programs and activities.

Cooperate with the pastor, Worship ministry, church members, music personnel and the Director of Music.

Coordinate with, possibly accompany Music Director for weddings, funerals, etc. Duties and compensation are covered in the Operational Manual.

Work in a professional manner and dress professionally. Demonstrate effective communication skills.

If asked select and provide music for special events such as Watch Night, Ash Wednesday Service, etc. as approved by the Music Director.

Accompany scheduled rehearsals as requested by the Director of Music.


A bachelor of music degree or equivalent musical experience is required. Proficient organist or advanced skills preferred. Playing additional instruments and reading music are a plus.

Demonstrate a willingness to learn and work with the Presbyterian form of church management.

This is an at-will position and benefits cannot be accrued.

Salary Range:

Negotiable - based on qualifications and experience.

* Please send your Resume to (Makeda Glover).

Directions: 1005 E Shelby Dr Memphis, TN 38116    ::   phone: 901.348.0985