At Parkway Gardens Presbyterian Church we are privileged to have you as our guest as you browse our website. Our goal is to provide an environment where people can grow spiritually through scripture, music, prayer and fellowship. While browsing our website you will learn about PGU, our Worship Service, PGU Ministries and many other church activities. We hope this site will inspire you to join us during our worship service.


Parkway Gardens Presbyterian United Church is the result of a project spear headed by the Buntyn Presbyterian youth. The idea of establishing a Southern Negro Presbyterian Church had been considered for some time. The young people of Buntyn decided to make it a reality. Their enthusiasm spread to other youth groups in the Presbytery who joined forces with them. In short order the Presbyterian Youth Project Council raised the initial $1,000.00 toward the purchase of a lot and presented it to the Memphis Presbytery.

A building was subsequently erected on the corner of Pillow Avenue and Gill Street; the church was completed in July of 1952. The young people furnished the sanctuary, classrooms and kitchen.

By 1957 our congregation had outgrown the building at 1440 Gill Street; Parkway Gardens moved to 1683 South Parkway East. The first worship service in the new establishment was held on September 29, 1957. With much prayer and thanks to God Pastor Brian C. Henderson became our spiritual shepherd in September, 2003.

In 2005 due to St. Andrew's small congregation they had the opportunity to merge with a larger number of committed individuals at Parkway Gardens. As a result of that merger the name was changed to Parkway Gardens United Presbyterian Church USA and we relocated to 1005 E. Shelby Drive. Since our move we continue to grow spiritually and in service to the community.